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Home > Asian > Nonton Chin-Yu-Ki: The Journey to the West with Farts (2016) Ganool Movie Subtitle Indonesia
Chin-Yu-Ki: The Journey to the West with Farts (2016)

Chin-Yu-Ki: The Journey to the West with Farts (2016)



Based on the gag manga by Man Gataro, off-the-wall adventure comedy Chin-yu-ki: The Journey to the West with Farts parodies the oft-adapted Chinese literary classic Journey to the West. In this crass and wacky reimagination of the famous story, actress Kurashina Kana (The Extreme Sukiyaki) is monk Genzo who is traveling to India. Along the way, he comes across an elderly couple and their powerful, trouble-making adopted son Yamada Taro, played by a bald, barely clothed Matsuyama Kenichi. At the couple’s beckoning, Genzo agrees to take the out-of-control Taro along on his pilgrimage in hopes of reforming him. Instead, Genzo gets pulled into Taro’s crazy antics as they embark on a ridiculous journey full of bizarre encounters and toilet humor.

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